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Because we love data, we love news about data- specifically articles, websites, people, and white papers about the importance of data-driven impactful programs and services.

You can find some of those here!

Colorado Evaluation Study 2015

The Colorado Trust, Colorado Nonprofit Center, and Community Resource Center release finding on the state of evaluation for the nonprofit sector in Colorado.

Measuring Client Well-Being

Prescribing a one-size-fits-all approach only leads to misunderstand and mismanagement. The Measure Client Well Being toolkit is a 28 page guide to the unique treatment that individuals deserve when you strive to measure your client's well being. "Measure Client Well-Being" presents a practical guide for county and community-based organizations to explore new ways to support clients holistically. Attached is the pdf for your reading, you will most likely find some important information that will assist you in the years to come.

Actionable Intelligence

Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy (AISP) aims to improve education, health and human services through using integrated data. Integrated data allow foundations, practitioners, and executive leaders in municipal, county, and state government to evaluate, improve, and invest in effective programs and services for the people they serve.

What Works Cities

Bloomberg Philanthropies Launches $42 Million “What Works Cities” Initiative
Program is the most comprehensive initiative to help city halls use data and evidence effectively. Goal is to Support 100 Mid-Sized US Cities

Geek Cities

Geek Cities: How Smarter Use of Data and Evidence Can Improve Lives

Data Analysts for Social Good

A Learning Community for Nonprofit Professionals- always something GOOD to read here!


Evaluation and performance measurement are becoming increasingly important within the nonprofit sector as funders demand stronger proof that program dollars are impacting social issues in meaningful ways. Additionally, increasing emphasis on the development and use of evidence-based programs likely means that nonprofits will need to increase their capacity to measure and evaluate program services in order to remain competitive and sustain their efforts. This site was developed in response to these trends and because of SSG’s long standing commitment to supporting nonprofit and public sector performance.

Better Evaluation

Utilization-Focused Evaluation (UFE), developed by Michael Quinn Patton, is an approach based on the principle that an evaluation should be judged on its usefulness to its intended users. Therefore evaluations should be planned and conducted in ways that enhance the likely utilization of both the findings and of the process itself to inform decisions and improve performance.

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