Measuring Client Well Being

Prescribing a one-size-fits-all approach only leads to misunderstand and mismanagement. The Measure Client Well Being toolkit is a 28 page guide to the unique treatment that individuals deserve when you strive to measure your client's well being. "Measure Client Well-Being" presents a practical guide for county and community-based organizations to explore new ways to support clients holistically. Attached is the pdf for your reading, you will most likely find some important information that will assist you in the years to come.

WorkLife Partnership

By utilizing eLogic, WorkLife is able to follow each individual as they journey through its Logic Model to prove WorkLife's theory of change. The data is able to show how our resources, assets, assumptions and activities play into each client's outcomes. By providing this complete picture from beginning to end, WorkLife is able to show potential to scale the model. WorkLife also utilizes Tableau to help put our outcomes into dashboards for better Board and stakeholder comprehension. WorkLife's inforgraphic of its outcomes is here.

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