About CEEN

Founding Members include:

Not-for-Profit Members

House of Neighborly Service, Loveland, Larimer County

Affiliated members include:

Who we are:

CEEN is comprised of five nonprofit founding members who came together in the summer of 2014 because we all invested in and utilize the same database system. The system is called eLogic Model Manager® (eLogic) and is based on the ROMA (Results Oriented Management and Accountability) model.

eLogic is a comprehensive intake assessment, and outcomes-based client management system that is both logic-model based and affordable to grass-roots nonprofits.

Guiding Principles

  1. A Peer-to-Peer network such as CEEN is a stronger and more cost effective vehicle for establishing evaluation capacity than individual agency efforts.
  2. CEEN demonstrates a commitment to use data to improve the social impact of organizations.
  3. Evaluation capacity for each organization will be improved as a result of engagement with the collaborative network.
  4. Evaluation will be seen as an integral part of an agency’s daily operations - similar to program development and implementation, human resources, communications, fiscal, etc.
  5. All staff in member organizations will understand how they contribute to an agency’s evaluation function, changing and strengthening a culture of outcome measurement throughout each agency.
  6. The collaborative effort of CEEN is more effective than that of the individual organizations in conducting evaluation activities and disseminating results to the public, media and interested parties.
  7. Types of analyses and evaluation methodologies will be shared among all members of CEEN to identify effective practices and quality program management.
  8. Evaluation strategies, effective practices, maintenance issues, and implementation techniques/trainings, will be shared with all agency staff and members of the CEEN.
  9. Evaluation strategies and techniques will be disseminated and/or published by CEEN in a timely manner, as appropriate and agreed upon by CEEN.

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